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The "FAB 4" go from non-swimmers to the high school JV water polo team and beyond in six years

Six years ago these four friends from Belle Haven couldn't swim. Now thanks to coach Brenda Villa, and with support from BBAF, they have been to the Junior Olympics twice and are important contributors on their high school JV water polo team. One now works as a lifeguard at their neighborhood pool. Their parents notice improvement in their school work; they are more confident and not afraid to take on new challenges. All four girls hope to make the varsity team and continue on to be the first in their families to go to college. Their aquatic experiences, made possible by subsidies from BBAF, have provided structure for their lifelong achievement. CONGRATULATIONS!

Since our inception we have served over 4800 children, subsidizing over 24,500 swim lessons and over 6300 hours of other aquatic activities

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