If you are a swim school or swim program provider, we'd like to work with you.

Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation (BBAF) does not directly provide any aquatics programs, swim lessons, or services to the public. Instead we work with the public or private operators of swimming pools, aquatics facilities, and/or swim schools to offer lessons, classes, life guard training, organized swim and water polo teams, and other services to the public. As a BBAF provider, you would offer programs at your own or a 3rd party facility to disadvantaged youth in a community that we are targeting. Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation provides a subsidy towards your normal, market-rate public fees to make them affordable for disadvantaged individuals who would otherwise not be able to pay for these services. For example, if you normally charge $12 per swim lesson, and we determine that $5 is the limit of affordability for a disadvantaged participant, we would provide a subsidy to you of $7 per lesson, and the participant would pay $5.

With each participating provider we enter into a Participant Subsidy Agreement that will authorize a maximum number of participants at a pre-determined subsidy. The provider is responsible for screening each participant to make sure that they meet our definition of "disadvantaged" (see criteria on our participants page), and you would send us a simple monthly written report detailing the specific participants who enrolled and attended your program. Upon receipt of your report, we will promptly send you a check for the subsidy amount that you have earned.

Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation is not focusing on any one provider organization; we intend to work with multiple providers within a given community or geographic area. We will verify that aquatic programs offered by providers meet the established standards of USA Swimming, the American Swimming Association, or the American Red Cross, or other comparable organizations, depending on the nature of the program. We will also verify that the provider organization has an acceptable employee training and participant safety program in place along with adequate liability insurance. Finally, we will check a variety of references (former participants, public reviews/comments, other community organizations) to ensure that the provider organization has a demonstrated track record in the community of providing successful aquatics programs.

The benefit to providers in working with us is that we will help increase the awareness of their programs in the communities that we serve, and help overcome the perceived economic barriers to participation in their programs. By providing financial subsidies to participants who would not otherwise be able to afford these aquatic programs, we help increase the number of participants in your programs and make it economically viable for you to continue to be able to offer (and even expand) programs in disadvantaged communities. We hope that the programs we subsidize will also offer you a source of trained staff (lifeguards, front desk personnel, etc.) from the local community, which will help you build closer ties with the communities you serve.

If you would like to discuss your programs and see if entering into a Participant Subsidy Agreement with BBAF makes sense for your organization, please contact us to discuss further.