There Are Many Different Ways You Can Contribute to My Campaign:
Running a County-wide campaign can be a grueling process. In order to win this election I am going to need to garner 50,000 - 60,000 votes on election day, November 3, 2015. At a typical cost-per-vote of $1.50 - $2.00, that would suggest that I will need to raise $75,000 - $120,000 to run a successful campaign. But there are many ways that you can help me, other than than giving money (but don't get me wrong, that's always appreciated!).

How You Can Help

What I need to do between now and November 3 is contact as many likely voters in San Mateo County as possible, tell them about my background, why I'm running for this office, and what I would do if elected, and persuade them to vote for me. There are two main ways you can help me: 1) make a financial contribution so that I can reach the voters via direct mail, signs, etc.; and/or 2) contribute time and effort to contact potential voters on my behalf and help convince them that I'm the right candidate for the job. Every 50 voters you reach on my behalf is $75 - $100 less money that I have to spend!

Give Money

  • Donate Online:

  • Items with (*) are required by FPPC for contributions $100 or greater

    First & Last Name*:  
    Employer's Name*:  

  • Mail a check (download, print, and mail this form)

Give Time

If you are willing to do any of the following, please send us an email:

  •  Contact your friends and neighbors who live in San Mateo County via email, telephone, or postcards
  •  Host a coffee or eventfor 15-20 or more of your friends and neighbors to meet Dave
  •  Make telephone calls to potential voters
  •  Walk door-to-door
  •  Put up a yard sign in front of your home or business

Give Your Name

  •  If you are willing to let us use your name as a supporter or endorser, please download this form and fax or email it back.