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Thanks for stopping by! The information assembled here explains who I am, why I'm running, who my supporters are, and my vision for the future of our Community Colleges here in San Mateo County. If you like what you see, I hope you will vote for me in the November 3, 2015 election, which will be conducted entirely by mail. If you have any other questions or need more information, feel free to contact me.


Thank you San Mateo County Voters for re-electing me to the Community College Board.
It will be an honor and a privilege to serve as your elected Trustee
of the San Mateo County Community College District (Cañada College, Skyline College, and College of San Mateo) for the next four years. I oversee a balanced annual budget of over $120 million, and a Capital Improvement Fund of almost $400 million. A successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, I took my software company public with a billion dollar market capitalization. I'm also a committed community volunteer, serving as Chair of the board of the California State Parks Foundation, and many other organizations. And that's just for starters. . . [read more]

When Sacramento cut our annual funding by tens of millions of dollars over the past few years, I insisted that we carefully examine our priorities. I kept cuts away from vital classroom and job training programs, balanced our budget every year, made sure our pension plan was fiscally sound and avoided faculty layoffs. Even though our funding situation has begun to improve, we must still focus on the most effective ways to train tens of thousands of students for good jobs and continue to enhance our already impressive student transfer and graduation success rates. There are opportunities to increase access for even more students, and there's still more hard work ahead. . .[read more]
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What is a Community College Trustee? Here's the current position description:

"The San Mateo County Community College District is governed by a six member Board of Trustees, five elected at-large by County voters for four-year terms and one elected by students for a one-year term. The Board governs one of the largest community college districts in the State of California.The Board generally holds public meetings at 6:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at the District's headquarters, 3401 CSM Drive, San Mateo, California. Agendas for the meetings are posted several days in advance of the meeting and may be reviewed online"

You can read more about our current Board goals and objectives here, as well as review our reaffirmation of our Core Values and Principles.

For more information on the San Mateo County Community College District, see our website


Wednesday November 4, 2015: Dave Mandelkern Re-Elected To Community College District Board

Tuesday October 6, 2015: Congresswoman Jackie Speier Endorses Dave Mandelkern for Community College District Board

Tuesday October 6, 2015: San Mateo Daily Journal Endorses Dave Mandelkern for Community College District Board

Tuesday September 29, 2015: Grassroots and Local Organizations Endorse Dave Mandelkern for Community College District Board

Wednesday September 16, 2015: Organized Labor Endorses Dave Mandelkern for Community College District Board

Tuesday September 8, 2015: Senator Hill, Assemblymembers Gordon and Mullin Endorse Mandelkern for SMCCCD Board

Tuesday September 1, 2015: Mandelkern Announces Endorsement By Entire San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Monday July 13, 2015: Dave Mandelkern Announces His Candidacy for Re-election to SMCCCD Board

See all of our press releases and news coverage. . . [read more]

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