disastermessage: Employee Notificaton and Communications for Rapid Recovery

If you had to evacuate or shut down your facilities in response to a natural or man-made disaster, how would you locate, inform, and communicate with your employees in order to get your company up and running again as quickly as possible? With disastermessage you have an up-to-date source of employee contact information and the ability to establish reliable communications with your workforce in any emergency situation. Our secure, web-based hosted solution allows you to inform your employees about what’s happening, what they should do, where they should go, and also find out where they are and how best to reach them. Communications between individuals and groups can be established without relying on your company’s existing telecommunications infrastructure.

Contact & Locate People

·  Find Me” feature allows user to specify desired contact mode/device in priority order
·  Users can update their own personal information and emergency contact information
·  Predefined fields for alternate phone number, e-mail address, cell phone, pager, Blackberry, or user-added device
·  Authorized users can access complete employee roster, including download to PDA capability

Inform Each Other of What’s Happening

·  Company disaster recovery coordinator or other authorized user can post company status update and information
·  Links to online documents can be included in company status message
·  Documents can be easily uploaded before or during activation; 10Mb of online storage capacity provided (25Mb for Enterprise Edition*)
·  Managers can post department-specific update messages*
·  Each user can post their own personal status message and update as often as desired, including a private message to family or friends
·  Family or friends of employees have their own unique login and can post a personal reply message

Establish Communications Alternatives

·  Built-in browser-based e-mail with delivery prioritization based on “Find Me” status for each user
·  Built-in Internet Instant Messaging, including support for mobile devices
    - Employees can build their own personal       contact lists
    - Managers can build their own team lists,       update them on- the-fly*
·  Authorized employees can create telephone conference calls for selected employee groups (conference call toll charges not included)
·  Messages can be pushed to pagers or e-mail devices
·  Broadcast message capability available to Disaster Recovery Coordinators or other authorized users
·  Managers have the ability to broadcast messages to their department teams*
·  “No hang-up” conference calling when voice access option is purchased*
·  Optional personal voice mail boxes for each user



Collect Data & View Reports

·  Administrators or authorized users can review and print reports on system usage

  • Which employees have checked in, and when
  • Which employees have not yet checked in
  • All employee status messages
  • Full employee emergency contact information and roster
  • Preferred contact method and data for each employee

Anytime, Anywhere System Access

·  Users only need a standard HTML web browser or WAP/WML-enabled cell phone browser
·  Optional voice access with toll-free number*
·  Simple, intuitive user interface with full online documentation and help; no training necessary
·  Any authorized user (typically the company disaster recovery coordinator) can activate the system in an emergency, from any location
·  Wallet cards provided for each user with login address and instructions

System Administration

·  Secure three-part login
·  Customer-definable roles and permissions
·  Batch upload employee roster data from text file or Excel spreadsheet
·  Optional live interface to Peoplesoft, SAP, or other HRMS*
·  Can upload own logo and branding to site
·  Fully customizable web look-and-feel*

Service Specifications

·  Externally hosted service with no dependency on your IT infrastructure
·  Reliable, redundant, fault-tolerant solution

* Feature Available in Enterprise Edition only

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